The Brother Moves On House Party Series.

Its been ten years and we’ve hit on the best way to do this celebration. This was all inspired by our saxophonist Muhammad Dawjee reminding us that Party and Parktown Mansions was real groovy. So we’ve decided on a house party series with us doing backyard and penthouse parties in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and East London.

Dates & Cities:

13th September ft Sibusile(Johannesburg)

12th October ft Mabuta (Johannesburg)

19th October ft Sun Xa & Makhafula Vilakazi(Pretoria)

24th November ft Sun Xa & BFG (Durban)

26th December ft Shapeshifting Trio(East London)

28th December ft Kyle Shepherd(Cape Town)

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Stay Close as we let you know the deets to each venue.